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The Water We Eat: An Infographic Story

Maker: Info Design Lab

Challenge: Fresh water is one of our most valuable and critical resources. We need to make sure there is enough for everyone on our planet, and we need to put solutions to work now if we want to avoid a water crisis. When it comes to improving our global consumption habits, most people don’t realize that about 92% of consumption actually comes from the production of our food—in other words, the water that we eat.

Solution: Using the power of infographic design, Info Design Lab initiated a project that tells the visual story of the water we eat.

“In the info-graphic, every sentence and every visual are the result of a meticulous process aimed at constructing a narrative that communicates fairly complex scientific evidence though a visual journey, where cognition and perception, logic and emotion, clarity and sense of wonder make the experience worthwhile,” (source).

Results: Increased awareness and dialogue about water consumption worldwide, with plans to integrate the infographic into classroom curriculums.

Learn more: http://thewaterweeat.com



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