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The Circular Design Guide

IDEO and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation have gathered an extensive stockpile of action-oriented methods, mindsets, and thought starters and put them all in one place for the purpose of giving designers and innovators the “creative confidence” and resources they need to develop solutions for the circular economy.

“Traditional manufacturing is wasteful, because it focuses exclusively on the end user. The circular economy mindset looks much wider, to consider everyone who extracts, builds, uses, and disposes of things. By zooming out from users, to consider the wider network of stakeholders, we can unlock value at every stage of the process. As a designer, that includes building feedback loops into your work; knowing the life cycle of materials you use; collaborating with other industry stakeholders; and considering unintended consequences.”

The guide includes a searchable database of methods designed to help you understand, define, make, and release circular innovations. It also offers inspiration from circular design experts, and explores the mindsets you’ll need to design for the circular economy.

Learn more and explore the Circular Design Guide at

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