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Tetra Rex: The World’s First 100% Renewable Carton

Maker: Tetra Pak in collaboration with Braskem

Challenge: Conventional packaging is primarily made from fossil fuel derived plastic and unsustainably harvested wood fibers,

Solution: “The Tetra Rex Bio-based package, which is manufactured solely from paperboard and plastics derived from plants. All the paperboard used comes from FSC-certified and controlled sources, and is traceable to its origins. The low-density polyethylene used to create the laminate film for the packaging material and the neck of the opening is produced by the Brazilian chemical company, Braskem. It is derived from sugarcane, as is the high-density polyethylene used for the cap.” (Source)

Results: Tetra Rex has 4kg less embedded CO₂ per kilo of PE compared to conventional polyethylene based packages. Just like other Tetra Pak cartons, Tetra Rex is fully recyclable.

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