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Terracooler: Efficient Cooling and Preservation of Food

Maker: Stephan Augustin

Challenge: Over one billion people suffer from hunger worldwide, and one of the causes of this problem is a lack of cooling and preservation of food and crops—especially for those who live off the grid.  On the other side, in modern industrialized countries, storage or cellar rooms have been replaced by energy wasting refrigerators where much food is stored that doesn’t even require hard cooling, like vegetables, eggs, and marmalade.

Solution: The “Terracooler” is a double-walled, bell-shaped terracotta cover that uses water for natural cooling and preservation of all kinds of daily food. The temperature inside can be cooled down by as much as 25-40% compared to outside air temperatures, effectively extending the shelf life of produce up to ten times longer than without cooling. It has been released online as “donationware,” a product innovation available free of charge.


  • Protects food against sun light, heat, dirt and animals or insects
  • 100 % ecological materials
  • Shelf life of produce can be extended up to 10 times longer than without cooling
  • Ergonomic and intuitve handling, water funnel tube is also the handle / knob to carry and lift it
  • Scalable size to different requirements
  • Just use water and even salty sea water for cooling
  • Replicable and worldwide well known technology of manufacturing
  • Food is easy accessible
  • The bell shape covers are stackable for efficient storage and transport
  • Free of charge to use based on the idea of donation ware
  • New jobs can be created with local production
  • Reduction of electric energy consumption
  • Can be used to cool in areas without electric infrastructure

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Hi Michael,

The Terracooler doesn’t appear to be available ready-made. However, perhaps the designer Stephan Augustin can help put you in contact with someone who is producing them for sale:

Hope this helps!

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