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The Hippo Roller: Increasing Access to Water and Empowering Women

MAKER: Hippo Roller, a social enterprise CHALLENGE: Water scarcity and impoverishment in Africa. According to Hippo Roller, “In Africa, 40% of the poorest households do not have piped-in water, and more than half of its population lack access to improved water sources such as boreholes, wells, or taps.” This challenge necessitates that women and children must […]

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What is Human-Centered Design?

If you want to create successful solutions and real impact through your designs, keep the people you intend to serve at the heart of your process, every step of the way.  This is what Human-centered design tells us. As defined by, an international design and consulting firm working to improve people’s lives through design, Human-centered design is a three-phase process […]