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How School Building Design Can Support Better Learning

A report by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) confirms that good design has the power to impact far more than appearances. After studying school building performance and interviewing teachers, architects, and academics, they found that good design can support better learning outcomes for students,  increased teacher productivity, and even make schools more cost-effective to run.

“Our research showed that an overwhelming majority of teachers believe good school buildings can reduce bullying and pupil misbehaviour. It also has a positive impact on school staff’s productivity, with the most comfortable and well-designed schools demonstrating a 15% increase. Good design makes schools cheaper to run – we estimate that up to £150m annually is being spent on unnecessary services and maintenance which could have been avoided if schools were better designed.”

RIBA advocates for giving design and building teams greater flexibility so that more schools can enjoy such benefits.

To learn more about their findings and proposals for school design reform, read their summary  or download the report directly here.

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