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The Interactive Tool for Designing Resilient Cities

As an urban planner, there’s a lot you can do to introduce sustainability into cities and communities. From gray water recycling to bicycle paths, and footfall harvesting. But how do you assess the resiliency of the solutions you come up with?

Thankfully, the University of Birmingham and a band of researchers have thought this through. Their free, web-based interactive tool helps urban designers analyze the resiliency of their sustainability solutions in a series of five steps, concluding with one of three options which suggest your solution either be implemented, adapted, or taken back to the drawing board.









“The Method provides insights into the potential impacts of today’s urban planning and design decisions, and challenges the conventional mainstream approach to sustainability by incorporating changing priorities and different ways of thinking into today’s actions, with the intention to ensure relevance in the future.”

University of Birmingham, et al.  

Learn more, and use the tool here:


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