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Peepoople: Design Solution for Sanitation & Food Security

MAKER: Peeopoople

CHALLENGE: Today, more than 2.6 billion people lack access to basic sanitation. At this moment, 40% of the world’s population lack access to even the simplest latrine.

SOLUTION: Peepoo is a personal, single-use, self-sanitising, fully biodegradable toilet that prevents faeces from contaminating the immediate area as well as the surrounding ecosystem. After use, Peepoo turns into valuable fertiliser that can improve livelihoods and increase food security.


  • Increased sanitation and subsequent reduction of related diseases and infections
  • Reduced environmental pollution
  • Increased safety for women
  • Pathogen-free fertilizer that can be used to enrich soil and improve food security and economic livelihoods.



Note: Project summary sourced from excerpts from Peepoople’s website. 


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