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OutDry Extreme Eco: The Environmentally Friendly Rain Jacket

MAKER: Columbia

CHALLENGE: Conventional rain jackets repel water by incorporating synthetic compounds known as PFCs. PFCs have been used for decades as Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatments on the surface of outdoor clothing, equipment and footwear… Due to the incredible strength of this bond, PFCs don’t break down readily in the environment. They have even been found to be bio-accumulative in animals and humans. This accumulation issue can have adverse effects and has been the source of significant discussion amongst environmental advocacy groups and outdoor brands.

SOLUTION: OutDry Extreme ECO is the first high-performance environmentally friendly rain jacket with no PFCs…  The main fabric of the jacket is 100% recycled polyester, and is made from approximately 21 recycled bottles. The jacket is environmentally friendly in several additional ways; for example, the exclusion of dyes, reduction of water use in production, minimal packaging, and recyclability via Columbia’s ReThreads program. 

RESULTS: Reduction of negative social, environmental, ethic, and chemical impacts.



Note: Project summary Project summary sourced from excerpts from Columbia’s blog and website.

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