Oslo Manifesto Launches Today at Framtanker!

One year ago today, the Oslo Manifesto was just an idea. Now it gets real.

Today, the design community will once again come together in Oslo for the Framtanker (Forward Thinking) conference to put design and sustainability on the agenda, and look forward towards ways that we can turn those ideals into responsible and profitable business (more about the event here).

Today is also the day that Oslo Manifesto officially joins that discussion. Becoming real on the very same date it was first conceived, at last year’s Frantanker event.

The purpose of Oslo Manifesto is to help energize a movement of designers, architects, and city planners— and the organizations and institutions they work with —to embrace the Sustainable Development Goals and incorporate them into their work as design standards for a new, sustainable world.

We hope that the Oslo Manifesto and this website will help you meaningfully translate the Sustainable Development Goals into your everyday work and life, and inspire ‘aha’ moments of insight on how you can act, today, to help the world realize the SDGs and the sustainable future beyond them.

Read and sign the Oslo Manifesto here, and help spread the news!

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