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Bike Sharing for Better Health and Greener Cities

Maker: Urban Infrastructure Partner AS

Challenge: Many cities around the world face the challenge of traffic congestion and crowded public transit systems, and have a general need for solutions that improve quality of life for residents.

Solution:  Urban Infrastructure Partner cooperates with cities to design efficient bike sharing systems that are operated with help from user-friendly apps, data-driven operations tools, and digital strategies for engaging local communities.

Results: City bike systems are a green alternative to fossil-fuel dependent transportation. They also contribute to reduced traffic and transit congestion, as well as happier-healthier residents.

In 2017, Oslo City Bike, one of Urban Infrastructure’s partner cities, received the Honours Award from Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA).

“Oslo City Bike is just the first leg of a long journey,” says Johan Høgåsen-Hallesby, Urban Infrastructure Partner’s CTO. “Our goal is to see that all cities of a certain size have a good city bike system. Both because it is good for the city itself that people ride more, but also because it is a flexible and future-oriented way to build new infrastructure.”

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