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MOYO: The Fast Fetal Heart Rate Monitor Saving Lives

MAKER: Laerdal Global Health, a non-profit company

CHALLENGE: Stillbirths and early neonatal death due to birth asphyxia is estimated to account for two million perinatal deaths every year. In low- and middle-income countries where 98-99% of these deaths occur, there is often neither sufficient staff nor equipment to monitor fetal heart rate according to guidelines.

SOLUTION: Moyo can detect the fetal heart rate within five seconds, which is much faster than other devices in the market. Through its 9-crystal sensor, Moyo is extremely easy to use, does not require bending down during operation and provides both visual and auditory feedback. 9-crystal sensors are typically used in CTG machines for their ease of use and reliability, though the cost of a CTG machine is prohibitive for most low resource settings. Unlike CTG machines, Moyo is small, portable and can be worn by the mother so that the wellbeing of the fetus can be monitored continuously.

RESULTS: Estimates based on research in Tanzania show that Moyo has the potential to reduce the number of stillbirths by 40%, and reduce the number of births where the baby is not breathing by 30%.



Note: Project summary sourced from excerpts from Core 77 Design Awards’ website. 

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