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Lillestrøm Bicycle Hotel Promotes Health and Reduces CO2

Maker: Architect Ibrahim Elhayawan and team from Various Architects. Commissioned by Norwegian National Railways and ROM Eiendom AS.

Challenge: Encouraging more people in the city of Lillestrøm to use bicycles for their daily commute and general transportation, instead of emission producing cars and other motor vehicles.

Solution:  A Bicycle Hotel that offers a safe and economical place for bike storage, conveniently located next to the train station.

Results: The bicycle hotel not only encourages more bicycle ridership by providing a safe place for storage, it also promotes community with its inviting, public green rooftop which is designed for minimal energy consumption.

“On the roof, green sedum absorbs rainwater and provides insulation from external temperatures, helping to regulate the climate within the structure in extreme heat and cold. Because the glass walls draw in daylight and the structure is ventilated naturally, its energy consumption is quite low, requiring only a small amount of power to illuminate lights at night.” – inhabitat

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