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Jets Pearl: The Vacuum Toilet That Uses 90% Less Water to Flush


Challenge: Increasing volumes of sewage worldwide that requires sanitation, coupled with traditional gravity water toilets which demand far too much of our precious energy and fresh water resources to function.

Solution: The Jets Pearl vacuum toilet uses 90% less water than the conventional toilet—which comes out to less than 1 litre (1/4 gallon) of water per flush. This toilet, and Jets’ other vacuum systems, use mostly air to transport waste.

Results: Reduced energy consumption, and a drastic reduction of dependency on fresh water resources for flushing waste, from 25% down to 5%. Including the reduction of water required for transporting human waste— from 17,000 litres to just 2,000 litres a year per person. In reducing dependency on these valuable resources, this solution also helps make sanitation more accessible to all.

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