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Inclusive Design: A People-Centered Strategy for Innovation

Every design decision you make— deliberate or not— has the potential to exclude a group of people. Whether it’s on the basis of physical ability, cognitive ability, age, gender or culture. And we can all be excluded.

Enter Inclusive Design.

Defined in 2000 by the UK Government, Inclusive Design is “products, services and environments that include the needs of the widest number of consumers.”

Inclusive Design can add value to your existing design or development process through the integration of specific activities and methods that guide you in taking a more people-centered approach.

“There’s no such thing as an average user.”

– Michael Wolff, of Michael Wolff & Company

According to, “The role of design is changing. Design is not just about aesthetic, functional or emotional needs. It can also play a key role in promoting sustainability and creating social inclusion. Companies that use design to meet these challenges can increase profitability and leave the competition behind.”

A platform developed by Design and Architecture Norway, is dedicated to spreading information about how Inclusive Design can be used as a strategy for innovation and the development of more user-friendly products and services for the mainstream market.

Visit  to access the Inclusive Design Checklist  and other tools and resources related to Inclusive Design.

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