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Parlour Guides to Equitable Architecture

When striving to make a difference for the Sustainable Development Goals, we should also look inwards at what we can do differently in our own profession and practices. Parlour is one such organization that’s taking a deeper look, asking the question: How can we make architecture a more equitable profession? 

On Parlour’s website you can find a collection of resources and discussions around the theme of promoting women and gender equity in architecture. Among the resources are 11 Guides to Equitable Practice, which cover everything from pay equity to promoting and supporting women to leadership roles, to the importance of mentorship.

Architecture is in the midst of substantial change. How architects define themselves, how practices operate, and the range of roles and types of work pursued – all is up for grabs. Many architects are now asking for a more inclusive profession, one that assists women and men to better balance their professional and personal lives, to realise their full potential, and to stay in the profession.

The guides help facilitate this change. Addressed to practices, employees and the wider profession, they outline the key issues facing women in architectural workplaces and provide positive, productive strategies and suggestions for change.


To learn more about Parlour and download the Guides to Equitable Practice, visit:


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