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Do Good Design—How design can change the world

“Some of us choose to pursue design purely as an exercise in the aesthetic. I know that simply creating beautiful objects or surrounding yourself with beautifully designed things can help create a fulfilling and comfortable life. However, that is only the surface of the potential good and sense of accomplishment you can achieve with your creative skills… Go further: recognize the interdependence, power, and influence of your role as a professional, and let it resonate with the world around you and within you.” – David Berman, Do Good Design


In the book Do Good Design: How design can change the world, David Berman awakens designers to the powerful role they play in shaping the world around us and empowers a shift to a new, sustainable design practice that’s more socially and environmentally responsible.

It’s an inspiring read for all kinds of designers, and for anyone who wants to use their creativity to make a difference in the world—like by designing for the Sustainable Development Goals!

To learn more about the book and access a free online version, visit:

And if you’d like to learn more about the author David Berman, who is also a friend and signatory of the Oslo Manifesto, check out our interview with him where we chat about his latest projects and how to break down barriers to sustainable design.


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