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Deterra: The World’s First 100% Bio-Based Jacket

Maker: Tierra 

Challenge: Even the fashion industry is dependent on planet harming fossil fuels, which are used for everything from  transportation and production process to the product materials themselves.

Solution: To address the problem, Tierra has developed the Deterra® Jacket. The world’s first 100 % bio-based jacket, made from materials like castor beans, wool, corn, Tencel, cotton, and corozo nuts.


  • Less contamination. Sourced from 100% bio based materials, which are friendlier to the environment.
  • Decreased transportation needs, due to a reduced number of components in the jacket.
  • Better product longevity, thanks to a classic and practical design.
  • A conversation starter for spreading ideas and change: “We will use this jacket as a platform to talk about new materials and solutions as part of our quest to make technical clothes that are sustainable both for us users and the planet,” Tierra.

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