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Q&A with InfoDesignLab: Designing Understanding to Spark Action and Change

  Angela Morelli and Tom Gabriel Johansen are award-winning information designers and the founders of InfoDesignLab—an organization whose goal is to empower professionals, designers, scientists, and journalists to turn complex information into meaningful narratives, beautiful visions, and understandable messages. As friends of the Oslo Manifesto, Angela and Tom were happy to do a Q&A with us. […]

Inspiration Tools

Transmaterial Next: A Catalog of Materials that Redefine Our Future

This book is a valuable resource for architects and designers who want to implement innovative and sustainable materials in their work. Written by architect Blaine Brownell,  Transmaterial Next  catalogs sustainable materials “that redefine our physical environment.” Materials which not only have low to no environmental impact, but also deliver when it comes to performance and applicability. The catalog […]

Concepts Inspiration

Net-Zero Home Design and Why Location is Everything

This video by Green Energy Futures explores the evolution of energy efficient and net-zero home design, and the dramatic impact that location has on our energy footprints.

Inspiration Projects

Tetra Rex: The World’s First 100% Renewable Carton

Maker: Tetra Pak in collaboration with Braskem Challenge: Conventional packaging is primarily made from fossil fuel derived plastic and unsustainably harvested wood fibers, Solution: “The Tetra Rex Bio-based package, which is manufactured solely from paperboard and plastics derived from plants. All the paperboard used comes from FSC-certified and controlled sources, and is traceable to its origins. […]